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Questions, Comments, or to Order Contact:
Scott Gordon
 Hesperia, CA 92345
(760) 780-8817

Let's talk before you order, OK?

 Call or e-mail so we're both sure you know what you're buyin'. We're a small company and we want to get know you. We don't have a Shopping Cart on line, or a secure server, and while we'd love to do big volume we've got to grow into it.

Checks: We'll happily accept your check on deposit but will wait for your final check to clear before shipping.

Credit Cards: Love 'em all. We process CC sales immediately via satalite-- ain't it great to live in the 21st Century?-- and the receipts only show the last 4 digits.

 If you don't want to email your credit card information, just fax us the form, below. We fax back your order with the CC receipt attached. If you mail the form, we send it back snail mail.

 Check back in a few months, maybe we'll get a little more sophisticated... maybe not.

   Please call or email for pricing!

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