Photo of a roadster with Pop Top installed emerging from shadows into afternoon sunlight.

Pop Tops logo and

by Scott Gordon Designs   

 Designed by aerospace composites engineer, Scott Gordon, for his own '32 highboy, Pop Tops are lightweight removable hot rod hardtops. With attitude.

Fiberglass Pop Tops weigh approximately 40 lbs, with headliner, rear window, and hardware installed. Carbon fiber Pop Tops weight 25 to 30 pounds.

Pop Tops will fit the most popular hot rods:
• '28 - '32 Henry Ford and most aftermarket bodies
• 2" chop, and stock height windshields
• standard, and up to 4" interior stretch
• 45" (center to center) windshield post dimension
custom tops for hot rod Chevy roadsters, Ford pickups, and others available.

Top on a car, viewed from the left rear.
 When a Pop Top is fitted to a standard interior, it clears the doors by 1.5" to 2".

Photo from the right rear.
 Pop Tops fit best on flat rear decks, but can accommodate some wood revels.

 We manufacture PopTops to order in our tiny shop in Hesperia, California, in the high desert about eighty miles northeast of Los Angeles.
 Turnaround for a Top is about four weeks from receipt of your order.
 You'll find us at several hot rod shows around the West, and the magazines have been kind to us with articles that appear from time to time.

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