Customers' Mini Car Projects

Same body, finished as a push car for Bob's grandson.

Photo of Bob's push car.
 Bob Cogan is a friend of ours who's restored a bunch of classics, so he knows how to finish a car. He welded up a detachable handle that slides into the rear frame so he can push his grandson's hot rod in style. The headlights are chrome soup ladels with mirrors bonded inside.

Three pedal cars.

Three pix of different pedal car projects.
 Nice people sent us these photos and the lady who used to work in our office-- who was also a nice person-- lost their names. So we can't credit these folks or tell you where they're from. But they turned out pretty cool, huh?

Notes on Materials and Sources.

Speedway sells pedal car kits with complete drive and steering linkages. Call 800 979 0122.
 The wheels below are available at Harbor Freight, 805-388-3000, or 843-676-2603.

Parts List for a Push Car

2 rear wheels 10.4 x 4.1, 5/8 ID ball bearing
2 front wheels 9 x 2.8, 5/8 ID ball bearing
2 axles, standard 5/8 OD cold steel
4 U-clamps, standard 5/8 conduit clamps
1 5/8 plywood, 2 x 4
24 wood screws, 3/8 x 1 pan head
2 web straps, plus buckle, and fasteners for toddler seat belt
  catalytic adhesive
  polyester resin or spar

The cool stools.

Photo of a gasoline powered bar stool with '32 body.
 Here's a mini car project that's not for the kiddies. We sold three bodies to this guy who built 'em up for bar stool racing. We hear it's the next big thing with NASCAR.
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