Closer look at Scott's Pop Tops

Terry G's roadster, Escondido CA

Photo of Terry attending to his pride and joy.
 Terry G is a picky man and his car shows it. He chose a Levant vinyl for its added texture. The buckskin color seems at odds with his car's deep anthracite finish until you get up closer.

Terry's car from the back shows off the deep tan pinstriping that ties in the top.
 Tan pinstripes tie the top to the deep metalic gray paint job on Terry's roadster.

Photo of Terry's interior shows our headliner and dome light.
 Terry's headliner is our favorite plush acrylic, more durable than traditonal fabric/foam materials and just as good at quieting the ride. His dome light is installed above the rear window. The interior "bows" are non-structural an optional at extra cost.

Larry B's roadster, Apple Valley CA

Photo of Larry's work in progress, but the top's complete.
 Larry B's car is a work in progress. Now in it's third life as a Southern California street rod, body work is nearly complete.
 He choose Saphire Blue Elk top material outside and we finished it with black headliner and our battery operated dome light inside.

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